Virtual Hourly Design Consultation

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This virtual hourly design allows us to provide consultation without entering your home during COVID-19. Please submit a payment of $ 85 to kick off your virtual hourly design consultation.  After you fill out our new client questionaire, submit photos and measurements, we will review all of the information submitted.  At that time, we will submit a design proposal via email outlining the design services we will provide along with estimated total hours, a general idea of the project time line, and a request for a retainer to show us your commitment to the time we will invest in designing you a beautiful, meaningful environment that fits your lifestyle. 

Throughout the duration of your project, we will communicate via email or virtual zoom meetings to review furniture/finish layouts and selections, design concept boards, and room boards including all item pricing.  We will also provide proposals as items are approved so that we can purchase products on your behalf.  Because you are providing more of the up-front measuring, notes and photos, we offer Virtual Hourly Design at 15% off our In-Home Hourly Design Rate of $ 100/hour.  

Virtual Hourly Design Consultation - Mix Home Mercantile